Wow & Flutter

Released: 6/99
Label: SongTree Records
Produced by: Kyle Vincent
Category: Pop

1. The First Thing On My Mind (Vincent/Dunbar)
2. Taking Over Me (Vincent/Huxley)
3. Somewhere Between Hello & Goodbye (Vincent/Dunbar)
4. No Matter What Will Be (Vincent)
5. She's Top 40 (Vincent/Huxley)
6. The Day The World Changed (Vincent/Dunbar)
7. Before The Winter Comes (Vincent/Dunbar)
8. Leave It Alone (Vincent/Dunbar)
9. Jennifer (Vincent/Dunbar)
10. Everyday Thing (Vincent/Dunbar)
11. Van Gogh Sunset (Vincent)

Wow & Flutter (re-release w/add'l tracks) Re-released: 5/22/01
Label: Varese Sarabande/UMG
  Additional Tracks                        
  She Only Loves Me When She's High (Vincent/Huxley)
  Invisible Man (Vincent/Huxley)