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Author Topic: Something in that voice has me hooked....  (Read 3056 times)
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« on: September 24, 2011, 01:07:13 PM »

The Backroom at Henri's, Canoga Park, CA, September 23, 2011

The Talent was in exceptionally fine voice last night, hitting all the high notes to perfection and holding them as long as ever, wowing the crowd with 16 songs (including two new ones) and numerous stories (including several new ones).
Unable to get an acoustic guitar in time, The Talent went electric with the cherry red Jon Rubin Strat.  Despite the intimate size of the room, he occasionally blasted the volume, raising the energy even higher.
The set started with "Taking Over Me" (guitar)
After a couple of lines of "Tomorrow We'll Try Again," he stopped because new arrivals to the room were distracting some people and he wanted to wait for everyone to settle in.
So, it was to the piano and "It's Gonna be a Great Day"
New story about arriving at LAX at 1:30 am and having an internal conflict (I could just see the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other!) between whether to lease the black Prius or the white convertible Mustang!
Staying at the piano, The Talent proceeded to perform my request, "Our Song"
Back to the guitar and another - this time successful - go at "Tomorrow We'll Try Again"
Stage patter regarding noticing who was in the audience and, just as important, who *wasn't*; pretending to be on FaceBook and de-friending people who didn't show up!
Next was a story about preparing for and going to an interview in Hollywood (which may or may not show up on YouTube at some point), and leaving us with a teaser about the interviewer's iguana
Still at the piano, we got "I'm Somebody" (formerly "Coffeehouse Dues")
Then he mentioned a bit about the show in Hollywood tonight (see the Announcements section of this board for more details, including where to go for live streaming)
"Arianne" was done with the guitar
In transition mode, The Talent asked for questions, comments, and someone asked him about the iguana he mentioned earlier, and that story was then finished
Trivia Alert:  We then learned that The Talent buys all his shirts in either Japan or England
NEW SONG (wooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!) on piano - not sure about the name of this one; might be "Old San Francisco" -- a beautiful co-write with his nephew -- listen for this one on the new album!!
More entertaining stories
Medley on piano:  "Next Time We'll Go Crazy"/"Let Me Let Go"
Rant about the price of kale in West Hollywood (don't ask him about this; he just might kill somebody!  LOL!)
Mentioned that he saw somebody with an appletini the night before - it was green and looked refreshing, but he never tried one; said that if he did, the show might take an interesting turn
"Wake Me Up" story, followed by WMU on guitar
Bartender brought him an appletini to the stage (yeah, you knew it was going there!)  One sip, however, and he couldn't stop coughing!!  However, he did say at that point that he'd play the whole set backwards!!
NEW SONG (another wooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!) on piano - "Like Nothing Ever Happened"  I expect this one will be on the new album, too (I don't remember if he said that or not; I think he did).  Excellent!
Stage patter and stories, including telling us about the new KV website coming and the blog to come, "KV Pillow Talk" (or "KV After Dark").  The first blog is about his passion for juicing.  I wonder if it will include some of his favorite recipes....
Karaoke Kyle:  "In Another Life" - his antics going into the audience on this were limited by a shorter than usual mic cord
Back to the guitar with the slow version of "Sierra," a request from Patty, with the last verse done a cappella; although he has his own reason for doing it a cappella, I think it makes the song even more powerful and beautiful
Various patter/stories, a little more about the show tonight and talk about Ron Dante, leading into:
"Wait Until Love Comes Again," (on piano) which of course, he co-wrote with Ron
Closing with "Petals of Peace" on guitar.

Yes, another special evening in Canoga Park with The Talent!  Thank you, Kyle.  Any time with you is always a delight.  You're a very special person and I appreciate every opportunity to see you.
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« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2011, 06:24:20 PM »

Yes, another special evening in Canoga Park with The Talent!  Thank you, Kyle.  Any time with you is always a delight.  You're a very special person and I appreciate every opportunity to see you.

As I said last night, it's at these "intimate" shows where I more appreciate those who made/make the effort to be there.

This can be a bit of a fickle town. I'm glad you liked the new ones. "Like Nothing Ever Happened" is my personal new fave. It hits hard every time I sing it or work on it in the studio, which tells me it's going to be a good one. The recording is coming out great on that one. Can't wait to share.
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« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2011, 12:52:22 PM »

Thanks for the very detailed report, Gia! I feel like I was there from your thorough account. The set list sounds great, and I'm intrigued by the iguana story. Will we ever get to know more about that...
Anyway, I have heard one of those new songs - the San Francisco song written by Kyle's nephew. In fact, at one of the Northern California shows he performed last spring, his nephew was in the audience to hear Kyle's version of that song. Since Kyle will be back in N Cal very soon, I hope we get to hear the other new song you mentioned.
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